1. Literally, to go suck a dick.

Can be used jokingly.

Sometimes accompanied with a crossover of the arms over the general cock area, two pounds. Gesture only perfromed by fags.

syn: Suck it, Suck my Dick, etc.
Dave: I made a 70 on my test.
Eric: I made a 84, you dumb bitch!
by Griddlecakes October 28, 2006
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When a certain individual sucks air in through the back passage ways, using the anal and sphincter glands, this can then be farted back out. Resulting in the process often called a 'Fake Fart'.
Luke: "Sutton suck one in bled."

Sutton: "Yeah no probs man, lemme get in position."
by Rob Sutton August 25, 2006
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To suck a penis and after climax she/he swallows and gets every drop.
SOD = Suck One Dry. Rick will suck one dry because he is a PAB (Pussy Ass Bitch).
by SOD-U-PAB January 17, 2014
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A man who ejaculates with only one suck of the tip
It only took one suck
by nigeriancuntwaffle January 14, 2015
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Used as an insult.

Equivalent to telling someone to fuck off.
Damn you're a douche bag. Go suck a fat one.
by Truuuuu June 21, 2014
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