A term used to refer to a guy with a micro-penis whose wife is fucked by people with longer penises.
Hey! That guy is totally an Aakash. He couldn't even reach the boundaries of his wife's virgin lips. His friends had to help him.
by backinjack October 22, 2018
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Hell on Earth, legal mental harrasment, douché community, fake aspirational cuntfucks, 2nd name for depression
Today I have been feeling very aakash institute lately
by Barbad2.5lakh December 17, 2019
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A very funny, cool guy who always has a big smile on his face.
Dude, the Joker from Batman is an aakash bhuta.
by usaf_aGoD March 07, 2011
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It is an adjective used to define a couple wherein athe guy is like a dog to the girl.
The guy just licked the girl shoes. That is just Aakash Nidhi.
by Sheila Munni Chikni December 29, 2011
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This word means space also known as sky. It is a Indian name that many historians were named
The Aakash is very beautiful today and stands out very nicely.
by zyxwvutabcdefg_all123 December 17, 2019
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Aakash referers to a monster in Indian Mythology. Colloquially it is used for someone who get attached to someone else's ambition and destroy it completely.
Hey you AI Asshole don't steal my job , don't act like a giant Aakash.
by Pynchonn January 01, 2021
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