A guy who is a prankster and likes to trick people even for the smallest things. Whenever people talk, he 'cuts' their speech in between to reveal his tricks, and hence is also informally called 'cutter'
He tricked us into believing that some dogs have three legs! Such an Aakash!
by thisISfun October 23, 2014
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It is a word used to describe a real maverick/Logan pauler everyone loves him
Omg he is such an Aakash

Am one too dont worry
by UrNanIsFat August 02, 2017
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A person who likes to blame others for the problems of themselves in almost every situation known to man. They also rage to point beyond imaginable and tend to be Indian.
Aakash is really in an Indian mood today
by Robert Garystone June 09, 2018
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Nibba Whomst steal your stuff and beat you up but the one you still Love
or simply put
Chuck Norris
Man i aspire to be like chuck norris.
what the fuck,you mean aakash?
by Anande July 08, 2017
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To "Aakash" someone is to suddenly turn on them after you've acted kind and civil to their face. But, in fact, the turn has been well planned and calculated since the beginning, and it is malicious in the utmost nature. Aakashing is a fine-tuned skill, based on how much of your target's time you can waste acting like you care. When you suddenly turn on your target, you have completely fucked them over. Have fun trying to bounce back from an Aakasher's attack.
John totally aakashed Steve the other day.

We had been friends since the 2nd grade. Suddenly when we graduated, Brian revealed he had been fucking my mom and my parents gave my room to him.

Adam Levine is aakashing Marone 5
by KeoticRambo July 23, 2018
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That's fuck boy who plays with everyone feelings
You're such an Aakash
by Sassy26 April 19, 2019
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