A gimmicky American Idol ripoff singing competition show used to boost to sales of the hosts: Maroon 5, Gnarls Barkley, Christina Aguilera, and some gay country singer. Rumors have it their careers plummeted when Christina got stuck in a bottle, Ceelo was hit with depression when his girl left him, and Adam was hospitalized for liking to get beaten by his woman.
I haven't seen The Voice yet. What's it about?....You mean a singing competition based off of the sounds of their voices? REVOLUTIONARY!!!! MY GOD PUT IT ON
by diddy kong June 28, 2011
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This is a person who does voice overs for soft news type shows. This person can't often remember what he or she is supposed to say, and is prone to being fired for dropping multiple f-bombs.
Wow I can't believe Jeff Walker just dropped the f-bomb again, he is definetly the voice.
by Fenbers February 12, 2010
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a male voice that is low and soothing yet mysterious and hypnotic and intoxicating. at times it can be strong and bold. it washes over you and gets into your veins causing a tingle to rush up your spine with anticipation. it leaves you feeling exotic and mellow. excessive exposure to "the voice" can cause a female to be sexual turned on.
"He spoke to me with, 'the voice'."
Jim Morrison and Jack Nicholson

by Janna Thomas April 30, 2008
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It's too late for them.
The voices are telling me to kill you.
by Aqxer April 07, 2018
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