A device used to activate other electronic devices, such as lights by the use of a clap sound. Must be over the age of 60 or simply be unable to be embarrassed (a good test is if you can listen to All Night Long in front of people you don't know). Advertised in the 1980s, but rarely sold.
The Clapper: Bill, fart again. We have to turn off the damn clapper.
by Wigma January 6, 2007
a mutherfuckin Gun

term used mostly in the South
get to steppin before i pull out that clapper.
by bubbakush123 May 6, 2010
A stripper who is able to make her ass shake so vigorously that the cheeks clap, or the ass that claps.
Buffie the Body is a serious clapper.
I'll drop a dollar on a clapper with a snapper.
by Biguno September 1, 2006
A fast slap shot in the game of hockey. Goaltenders avoid these type of shots.
by Cja17 June 5, 2016
to be duped by a friend that appears to want to hang out, but in the end just wants to use you for your money.
When Andrew called to hang out and grab a few beers after work I thought it was sincere; I later realized I was clappered because he only needed me to pay the bill.
by Daleak March 23, 2007
when one moves the hips back and forth causing the nutsack to clap against the belly and or the gooch.
dude when kevin did the clapper and his mom saw him i almost shit my pants.
by scott reiter April 21, 2004
When you get clapped or get absolutely demolished in real life or a game. It is sort of like getting your cheeks clapped because people associated the feeling of helplessness when dying horrendously in a game.
You: *dies to a semtac* "Clapper's"

Your Friend: "Bruh Clapper's"
by FailYourTest July 12, 2021