"Good day,eh? I am aboot to go get a new touque coz my cousin ran over mine with his snow mobile, eh? Beauty day for a for smoking some weed, eh? Cheese it, here come the Mounties, eh?"

No one here talks like that
weeds not legal here you idiots!!
by PyroManiac May 6, 2005
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The largest and lonliest country in the world. Very cold in winter and very hot in summer (depending on where you live--like I said, it's big: one of our provinces is bigger than Europe).
We don't have interesting accents: most people think Canadians sound like Californians, but nobody knows why. We invented basketball and snowmobiles; we have a lot of rocks, trees and maple syrup.
A lot of Canadians like hockey even though lacrosse is the national sport.
And hey--we don't live in igloos. Seriously.
Canada almost never has wars (except sometimes when we help out the US). We like to keep the peace.
It's a bit boring but not a bad place to live.

Not to be confused with America.

And yes, we do have polar bears and Artic tundra and the North Pole around here somewhere. It's exciting, I know.
Canadian: I'm from Ontario
Foreigner: ...
Canadian: It's part of Canada.
Foreigner: Right! So do you know Avril Lavigne?
Canadian: No.
Foreigner: What about Bob, do you know--
Canadian: No. It's a big country.
by Jev3 July 11, 2008
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A country with 1/6th of the economy of america, but 1/10th of the people. A lack of superior military. But we don't need the military, we aren't off starting wars or pissing people off. We are the country that invented peace keeping, the idea of middle powers and socialism. We are multicultured as opposed to the tried and failed melting pot theory (geez, hasnt worked in a few hundred years give it up!). We are a country with $600 billion debt as opposed to the states $600 trillion debt... you may have more toys and seemingly more money but eventually you have to pay it back. A country that promotes education and peace as opposed to war and hatred (for the record i dont blame americans, i blame your president) A country with a working political system, Hello, Bush didn't have the majority of the votes until florida anyway.. and doesnt his brother live there or something? A country with cheap beer good quality beer, fresh water, awesome hockey, and respect.
Canada kicks ass, eh?
by dEsTiNy-aka-Smurf September 6, 2003
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A country of fine taste, sexy open women, great beer(which we can legally drink before we're halfway to 40), great weed(which we can smoke without fear) and a damn fine Hockey team. Despite our grudge against Americans(they got more hockey teams) deep down we owe you guys huge. Think about it, Canada-America=Poor People eating potatoes. We are just bitter about Dubya, thats all. Take our beef back, please. Our cows arent that mad! Stop starting wars though Americans, no one likes that. But lets be friends shall we. And we DID burn down the White House. It was British Officers using Canadian troops. But hey, you guys started it. Also, our accents are definatly a lot more ear pleasing then yours. You guys butcher the English language, no offense.
Heres an idea....lets just admit that we love each other. Go Leafs Go!!!
by Random Canadian November 30, 2004
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A fine, respectable nation. What America should be, but really isn't. Much more diverse and cultivated than most give them credit for, and much more liberal on topics such as narcotics and marriage. Most of the country is unihabitable, and the winters can be excruciatingly cold, but British Columbia is fairly temperate. This wondrous province is sort of like Washington State and Colorado rolled into one. Toronto and Montreal are the major cultural hubs and the people live in harmony. Racism and crime is virtually nonexistant and the people are proud and progressive. However, taxes and gasoline aren't cheap so any potential American defectors, be warned. The U.S. should take some notes and try to emulate the Canadian culture.
The bickering between Canada and the U.S. is pointless. Both countries have their problems and are aware of it, but as neighbors we should stick together and help each other out.
by Jay May 28, 2005
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The country north of the United States (yes, I actually said the real name.) I have been there twice, and the more I see, the more I like it. Notes below.
. There are a lot fewer fat people in Canada. I only saw three fat people there durring my two week family vaction in Canada.
. The people have a more fun outlook on life; there is seriousness, but they seem to want to enjoy life more.
. The people are just more helpful everyday (I went downhill biking and a guy helped me get my bike onto the rack, as I was not strong enough to heft a 15 pount bike over my head.)
. Less trash talking, especially in sports, there were no raging fans at the baseball game I went to.
by Open-Minded American September 21, 2008
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A wonderful country that has produced some very, very hot women such as Elisha Cuthbert and Pamela Anderson. Also I spent two weeks there and only heard one "ey."
Damn, why are Canadians so fine, eh?
by HMIRE July 30, 2005
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