when a snitch refuses to treat you with respect even though you know their a snitch., they cant get you to do what they want and you cant get the respect you deserve so you tell the snitch to have fun in jail/prison, which is kind of fucked up because its a snitch
person1)So your just gonna continue to disrespect me even after i told you to just ask me for help to my face? person2) yep... person1)well i guess you can just smile at the bricks then.
by AlliedApe October 28, 2021
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Military barracks, more specifically E-5 and below barracks, but can be used to refer to any military barracks for any rank. Where all shenanigans occur and where single or unaccompanied military members may reside.
Private: Hey man, can you pick me up to go to the PX?
Lance Cpl: Yeah, pulling up to the bricks now.
by ephemera February 4, 2022
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A very small slang term for the town of Bloomington Illinois
Man 1: hey dawg are you tryn kick it tonight

Man 2: can’t right now man I’m in the brick
by LilDickRickSouthOfBrick May 26, 2022
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Person 1: yoooo, bro you been gone a while... Person 2: yeah man I just made it out the bricks!
by NS DAiM November 14, 2020
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A modification of the phrase "brick" as in a long time. "Thicc" denotes an even longer period of time.
"Damn, that chem test took me a thicc brick to finish."
by woggadoggadooo March 4, 2018
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