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the new 69. Inspired by a list of top qualities in a guy. Number 5 & 7 on the list being
5. They know that to keep a woman around, they have to stimulate ALL of her senses – physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual. Good guys can satisfy a woman’s needs in every aspect of life and beyond.
7. Make love to a woman’s soul at the same time as her body. Merging with her soul is their ultimate goal…not just a mere orgasm.
Think every girls Ryan Gosling fantasy.

Also called taking her to the Meadow. Named after the girl who inspired this new level of hotness.
I could go for some 57 tonight, yeah he's hot he could totally take you to the meadow girl!
by lil' g June 4, 2012
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Stands for 'The Intolerant Bastard'
Anyone who is racist/sexist or an overall bigot.
"Yo, he's TIB yo!"
Hitler was TIB.
by lil' g January 30, 2006
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