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1.) a phrase used as an expression of liking something greatly. 2.) A reference to an expensive item, can be used as a compliment. 3.) Term used to express large margin deal in business (That's money!). Often used by grown men in finance, real-estate and other various forms of business.
Example 1:
Bro-ha: "Did you have da fried chicken nigga?"
Bree-wa: "Yes'sa!"
Bro-ha: "Word nigga! Now dats that's money!

Example 2:
Joey C: "How's yous like my new shoes nigga?"
Whammy b: "Damn cousin J-crazy, that's money."

Example: 3
Quitin Jones: "Boss, we got that Fresno deal signed."
Boss; "uncapped?"
Quitin Jones: "Yes'sa, no cap, minimum of 10 points just the way you priced."
Boss: "Damn son, now that's money!"
by duskins July 14, 2006
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A dumb, but awesome way of saying: That's cool!
Jane: Hey I have a lollipop!
Bobby: That's money!
Jane: -_-
by Melanie the Meanie November 13, 2010
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A basketball term to describe a players favorite jump shot, that they never miss.
"hey see that jumper from the corner, That's money baby"
by Dizman February 19, 2014
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when you say something totally off subject or stupid... after person say thats money you slap the persons hand that said the stupid thing
Sarah: who is george bush?
Billy: lol omg, that's money "
Sarah: oh no money
by SUK!. LUCRETIA. December 04, 2008
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