My redneck father uses this alot. It is used to say something is more extreme than normal.
Man your skinnier than a dog you better eat that steak boy .
by Thejumacatedscholar February 27, 2019
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One really-really happy person.

Most male dogs are happy to be able to lick their own dick. Imagine how happy the dog would be with two dicks and be able to lick them both! Man, he's a happy guy.
That sonuvabitch must have just humpped the neighbor's cat. Look at the silly fucker, he's happier than a dog with two dicks.
by Bubba Bill January 9, 2010
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Means that something is very fine, or that you feel excellent. If someone asks how you feel and you simply say "fine", you might just be saying it out of convention. Adding the "dog's hair split three ways" shows that you actually mean it.

Another form of the expression is "finer than a frog's hair split three ways", although literal frogs do not have hair.
by JCEG November 25, 2006
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This idiomatic expression can describe any kind of movement, but is especially linked to running. A scalded dog would be moving as quickly as it was capable of doing, and it would be motivated by pain and fear - that combination makes for some serious speed.
When the bandit saw the police coming, he ran faster than a scalded dog.
by RobertPlanty February 21, 2012
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Someone of low intelligence. A person who is so stupid you feel sorry for him. This type of person tries to sound intelligent but the truth is in reality they are dyslexic slow learners and can't even figure out how to achieve the basics of life. They are dumber than dog shit.
1. He couldn't add 2+2.. he's dumber than dog shit.

2. Rehmeyer sure attempts to make his posts sound intelligent but the truth is he's really dumber than dog shit.
by kr3493k February 13, 2008
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From a woman.... I love you more than anything...
From a Man...... I love you sooo much that I thought of this wonderful thing to say to you...
Hey Baby I love you so much!
How Much?
I love you more than a dog loves people food!
by Youronetruelove April 29, 2007
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