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When you are driving, want to change lanes, and there is someone in the other lane...Quickly jerk the wheel into that lane but stay in your lane. This panics the driver and as they hit the brakes, you get the room you need to safely move into that lane.
This car will not let me over, time to do the texas two step.
by hans September 24, 2004
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After taking a dump and buttoning your pants, a Texas Two Step is when you have to walk back to the toilet after two steps and poop again.
I ate a burrito last night and just had to do a Texas Two Step.
by SCL9994 October 17, 2007
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When a woman gives a man a harmless blowjob, using salsa for that added spice, and he finishes and she gets ready to go, thinking she is done. Then the man pulls out a lasso, ropes the girl back, and starts fucking her for real, using the cowgirl position of course. Bonus points for hogtying the girl.
Texan #1: Did you give her the ole' Texas Two-Step?
Texan #2: Fuck yeah, and she's coming back for more tonight!
by thisisnotmyrealname22 February 12, 2010
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When violating someone anally, pull out quickly, so that the person forms a pink sock, and proceed to roll the person over and step on the sock with both feet. Yee Haw!
You may have done the Can-Can last night, but I did the Texas Two-Step
by SomeOtherTime January 03, 2008
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When your girl tells you that she loves you and that she has always been faithful, while at the same time she is totally getting dominated by your best friends behind your back.
Paully: Man she would never cheat on me!

Danny: Dude she is totally pulling a texas two step on your ass!
by Tmoney35 December 22, 2009
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When your friend gets together with someone you've been talking to with the sole intent to make you mad and/or jealous.
A: That bitch just Texas two stepped me with Brad.
B: He likes you better, just do-si-do her ass.
by DoSiDo Queen July 26, 2011
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