mind your own business; keep moving straight ahead and don't veer over into my personal affairs
"I don't need you telling me how to raise my child, so why don't you just stay in your lane, okay?"
by HeavnsGirl January 29, 2007
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Stop talking about things you don't understand or know. Let experts do the talking. Don't talk out of your ass.

Used in technical forums and websites to indicate a user has strayed into an area in which they clearly have no expertise.

Anecdotal evidence is not passable as expertise, so keep it to yourself unless you have something useful to add.
Internet_expert: You really should buy brand XYZ, my sister's cousin's brother's fiance knows this guy who has one that I really thought looked cool.

real_expert or moderator: STAY IN YOUR LANE!
by Harry_Manback July 22, 2009
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An expression used by people who have a pet cause, and don't want anyone questioning that cause. A fast way to shut down a conversation from anyone deemed too outside to participate, no matter what their level of qualifications.
"Don't go telling me to vaccinate my kids when you don't have any. Stay in your lane."
by Kat Kandle July 18, 2018
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mind your business.

stay to your self

y’all be in everyone’s business, honey just stay in your business
Man all I gotta say is stay in your lane , yu look dumb asfc in other people business .
by stay in your lane April 6, 2020
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1) what you say to someone who is below your league in terms of attractiveness and tries to hit on you.

2) what you say to someone who tries to talk about a sector they are not an expert in
1) this really ugly girl tried to talk to me today, told her stay in your lane.

2) this peasant tried talking about stocks today, told him stay in your lane.
by Shumongous October 13, 2014
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