What you end up spelling when you're meaning to type "test" over and over.
Here is some sample text: testestest testes test
by Solar March 11, 2004
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Short form of testicles. You may also know them as balls, bollocks, cojones, huevos or nuts.
I use all of these terms, and more besides, but then I am Ian Chode, the greatest swearer of modern times!
Chode: Eat my testes, bitch.
Bitch: OK. Mmmmm, better than McDonalds.
Chode: Splat!
by Ian Chode September 22, 2003
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Derogative term.
Derived from the way a Greek may call someone an Arhidi (a testicle).

Place of origin: N Melbourne (Aust)
You're such a test!

Hey there goes that test again.

by fano March 31, 2005
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This is a test
This is a test
by Cum Rifle October 21, 2019
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Women/females who kick a lot of ass (athletically speaking). This is in reference to Caster Semenya, a female sprinter who after breaking records, was questioned and tested as to her gender.
That girl just passed him biking up a hill! Girl yells back, "Test this!".
by s.sawyer August 27, 2009
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