This cycle I'm stacking test with fina for some serious gains.
by test is best August 30, 2007
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What you take in school to determine if you pass or fail in life.
I failed my test, therfore I must fail at life.
by energizerman38 June 26, 2007
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To check if something coresponds the promised result or what effect does it have at all.
By typing in the word "test" you prolly tried to search if there was a definition for this word.
by sm1g March 27, 2008
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A means of evaluating another person's character through a series of unannounced, inconspicuous examinations. Developed by Eddie, it serves to define which people are desirable company and which should not be associated with. As a general rule, a test-passer is a good person while a test-failer is a bad person.

Passing the test results in the joyous proclamation that "You pass the test!"

Failure of a test is announced simply by saying "You failed the test." This phrase is often used to show general disdain for a person's existence.
"You didn't make eye contact while saying 'thank you.' You failed the test."

"You forgot to hold the door open for me... failed the test."

"You passed the test - you offered me a piece of sausage from your pizza."
by Eddiehashiv March 17, 2006
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The male-gendered equivalent of "bitchy." Pronounced "testy."
I'm outta here; Robert's pulling up to the house. That guy is so teste.
by Moggraider August 2, 2009
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the bomb diggity, the titties, awesome, the heat, terrific, extraordinary.
that beck concert was the testes.
by kacee pyles June 19, 2006
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Bobby I told you to get out of the tree you have tested my patience for the last time!
by Kim Perez-P March 13, 2008
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