Short for terpenes, which is found in the oily residue of plants, most notably the cannabis plant. It provides the unique smell and taste to each strain of marijuana; such as limonene and humulene found in the potent Sour Diesel.
The terps in this Sour Diesel smell spicy like gasoline but taste deliciously citrus.
by tastyterps August 16, 2017
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abreviation of the university of maryland college park mascot. (terrapin).

Lets go TERPS, kick duke's ass!
by fear the goddamn turtle November 6, 2004
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Short for interpreter. Informal. (conference interpreters, community interpreters)
Tonight there will be a session about "New tools for terps."

Being bilingual is not the same as hiring a professional terp.
by Badass Becca November 8, 2017
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1. Short for terrapin -- the species of the University of Maryland in College Park's mascot: Testudo

2. An athlete who is a member of one of the Univeristy of Maryland in College Park's 27 division I sports teams. The terps have won national championships in several sports including football, men's basketball, women's basketball, women's lacrosse, men's lacrosse, field hockey, men's soccer, and competitive cheerleading.

3.A fan of University of Maryland sports. Ranked #1 college sports fans in the country in 2005 by Princeton Review. Notorious for wearing red, being loud, rubbing Testudo's nose, starting riots, and chanting "F-ck You JJ" during basketball games, which brought them national attention in 2004.
Those terps sure are looking good this year.

Those terps fans sure are brutal
by Josh Copeland April 27, 2006
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Man look at the bling on that turtle, he is a t-e-r-p.
by Maximus February 9, 2004
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Can be substituted for any action or adjective, especially dirty ones.
"That Girl is terping hot!"
"Ya, I'd terp it from behind."
by MerryVillain November 20, 2008
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