A soundcloud eboy kpopstar from Connecticut. Known more for being an eboy than an artist but his music still hits hard. Often says the phrases “UwU” and “XOXO”. Usually affiliated with hennessy cognac, nicotine, the Pokémon squirtle, la Croix and being depressed.
Yo you bump that testudo? Yeah man “Don’t Remind Me” goes ham
by Esk8r October 30, 2019
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A diamondback terrapin that represents the University of Maryland. Testudo lives outside of McKeldin Library and watches squirrels. If you rub his nose you get good luck.

Fear the Turtle!
I rubbed Testudo's nose before my Biochem final but I still failed.
by Edible Elf May 21, 2008
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A. a sort of turtle

B. an army performed by roman soldiers in which they all raise their sheilds to protect each other..
watch the movie "gladiator" and watch out for the bit where russell crowe is a gladiator with a small army in the colleseum up against the chariot archers.. whom which get 0wned by the act of testudos
by HITMANHRT November 09, 2005
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