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Things you Should Know Abot TN Before Moving Here (for Northerners):
1.What sweet tea(tea with sugar) amd sweet milk (not buttermilk) are.
2.Memphis is Detroit with a Southern accent.
3.No snowdays. Just "ice on the road" days. If the temp goes below 25F, we think a new Ice Age is upon us.
4.110 F is "a tad warm".
5. "Kiss my ass" is a perfectly acceptable way to end an argument.
6. Saying "Bless her/his heart" before you insult someone will safely allow you to drag them through the mud.
7.Toast is unnatural. Eat biscuits like God meant you to.
8. Flirtin' is Southern tradition. It doesn't mean you're getting lucky.
9. If you try to speak with our accent, remember draw out your vowels, y'all is two or more people, and y'all's is plural possessive. Don't blame me if you get an ass-whoopin'.
10. If you don't like it down here, the airline goes both ways.
All my exes live in Texas that's why I reside with pride in Tennessee
by hickchick June 10, 2004

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A Country Girl wannabe is a chick who lives in the city and usally comes to school dressed in plaid and with short shorts on with cow boy boots. The plaid shirt is usally tied up like a cut off and shows half there other shirt and ually has hoop earings in.
The defionion above doen't describe a really country girl it defines a country girl wannabe or a slut so dont think your country just because you wear those things. and you drive a chevy truck
by HickChick February 12, 2012

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