A great place to live
Among the Greatest states known in The South. It has many different qualities for those who would look, some good and some bad.
Tennessee became the 16th state to enter the union in 1796. It was the first state in the south to seek readmission into the union after the civil war. It was the first southern state to be free of presidential reconstruction. Site of the fames scopes or monkey trial in the 1920s which fought on whether or not evolution or christianity was to be taught in schools (The lawyer for the christians knew how to be a lawyer, but did not know the topic on which he was working as a lawyer). Place where one can find all sorts of cultures, depending on what part of the state you are looking in. Eastern Tennessee has part of the Appalachian (App-u-latch-in) Mountain chain running through it. It has some of the most beautiful hill country in the US. Middle and Western Tennessee are know for their agricultural, industrial, and cultural centers. Nashville is the capitol of the state, and also the headquarters of country music (The 4th oldest form of mainstream music, the first three being classical, jazz, and blues). The other big city is Memphis, located on the Mississippi River, is a large cultural center for Jazz and blues musicians.

Now the not so good parts of Tennessee.
We do have an appreciable KKK presence (though the KKK is worse in the gulf states), a sub-par public education system (elementary, its ok to decent. Middle, its average to a little below. High school, can either be very bad, or rather good, depending on the high school attended) Colleges, depending on the one used, can be either decent to excellent (Northeast state = decent, UT = excellent).
We do have an obesity problem here, but that is due mainly to the fact that living in a rural area where one commonly drives 30+ miles to get to ones destination tends to make one lazy. Urbanites tend to get more exercise because they walk a lot of areas. We do have some "Rednecks, Hicks, and Hillbillies" but this is a relatively small problem, and these groups are just as likely to be found in other states in the south, and *gasp* North, West, and East states too.
Tennessee, a good place to live
by Keairan April 30, 2007
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Wish that I was on ole rocky top,
Down in the tennessee hills.
Ain’t no smoggy smoke on rocky top,
Ain’t no telephone bills.

Once there was a girl on rocky top,
Half bear the other half cat.
Wild as a mink, sweet as soda pop,
I still dream about that.

Rocky top, you’ll always be
Home sweet home to me.
Good ole rocky top,
Rocky top tennessee, rocky top tennessee.

Once two strangers climbed on rocky top,
Lookin’ for a moonshine still.
Strangers ain’t come back from rocky top,
Guess they never will.

Corn won’t grow at all on rocky top,
Dirt’s too rocky by far.
That’s why all the folks on rocky top
Get their corn from a jar.

Rocky top, you’ll always be
Home sweet home to me.
Good ole rocky top,
Rocky top tennessee, rocky top tennessee.

Now I’ve had years of cramped up city life,
Trapped like a duck in a pen.
Now all I know is it’s a pity life
Can’t be simple again.

Rocky top, you’ll always be
Home sweet home to me.
Good ole rocky top,
Rocky top tennessee, rocky top tennessee.

Rocky top tennessee, rocky top tennessee.
Yeah rocky top tennesee eee eee eee.
Tennessee has the reddest rednecks in the world! Myself included!
by moose nuts December 01, 2003
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Tennessee is a place where morals are above all. It's a place where we hold the door open for others and say things like "Yes,Mam" or "Yes Sir" and "No,Mam" or "No Sir". It's a place where we enjoy the simpler things in life but get made fun of for doing so. It's a place where the tea is sweet and grits make for some mighty fine eating! We also exercise our God given right to holler when dealing with know-it-alls who have nothing better to do than call us shoeless hicks and insult us.

Tennesseans may seem a little different to others but you must realize that we are raised with different morals and our way of life is different than the average city slicker. Tennesseans have very unique accents that set us apart from the average joe. I don't consider being different a bad thing and i'm very proud of my accent. Those who are bad mouthing our state are good examples of what we are not. I have traveled all over the U.S and can honestly say that Tennessee and the rest of the Southern U.S have the most polite and hospitable people in country. Tennessee has some of the most beautuful backcountry, rolling hills, and scenery around. We have country music in Nashville and Blues in Memphis which will be around for a long time to come!

Honestly, I can't think of any reason anyone would feel the need to talk bad about or insult Tennessee and it's people other than the fact they themselves are miserable in thier own life and feel the need to spew hate online. The people from other States who do this should get off the internet and really see what Tennessee has to offer. Y'all just don't know!!!
Tennessee is a beautiful state!
by tn_backpacker May 15, 2007
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A great southern state with wonderful moral and ethical values. Just because you live in TN does not mean that you are hick that can't speak proper English. Yes, some of us do have an accent... but so do people from all around the north, midwest, east coast, west coast, and what have you. Some of the previous entries that talk about the school system being horrible and we talk lik dis... and we from tenner see and we eeet whiskey an' good ol' possum pie. NO ONE EATS OPOSSUM PIE. We are not hicks, and we are not stupid. We don't go walking around barefoot with hay hanging out of our mouths. I am proud to call myself a Tennessean. And if you have a problem with Tennessee, keep it to yourself, don't go nagging and talking about it being a worthless state and hell on earth. If you live here, and you hate it.. THEN LEAVE!! Stop complaining and whining and do something about getting out of our state, that we call home, and go back to wherever you came from.
Tennessee, a civilized moral and ethical state.
by proud to be from TN July 12, 2006
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The most fantastic place in the world to live. If you live in the suburbs, you get great public schools, nice shopping, and those fantastic accents.
I miss my home. :(
by .... September 08, 2003
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