A southern state that isn't far down south.
It is frequently stereotyped for being a fat, hick state where everyone is stupid and cannot speak proper English.
In actuality, it is a state with beautiful scenery, nice, intelligent people who don't have an accent, and NOT EVERYONE IS FAT!
In Tennessee you don't marry siblings or cousins. That is virginia.
Not everyone likes country music or southern rap. People listen to all music.
To live in Tennessee you don't have to be racist and think the south will rise.
People who live in Tennessee are just like people living anywhere else.
People who live in Tennessee aren't all poor, underprivaledged people either.
Don't let people who know nothing ruin your idea of this state.
I live in Tennessee.
I don't have an accent,I'm not overweight, and I definately don't live in the ghetto. I'm very educated. I listen to rock, alternative, and hardcore music. People who live in Tennessee hate your fucking stereotypes. Even if a few people fall into those descriptions, that means nothing about the state.
Tennessee is a great place.
by xxrawrz July 04, 2008
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The only state that you can go from a big majority of blacks to a big majority of whites in 6 hours on I-40 (aka West to East)
Tennessee is a cultural state.
by TN citizen October 29, 2009
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The best damn place to live on EARTH. All the haters can suck the exhaust of my 88 I-ROC. We've got the hottest women, the best hunting, the nicest pickup trucks, and best of all, the best football team! NATIONAL CHAMPS 1998!!
Tennessee is Utopia
by staff August 28, 2003
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Tennessee is one of the most beautiful states in the country. In East Tennessee, everywhere you look you can see a hill or mountain in the background. Tennessee maybe in the Bible Belt, and yes there are a lot of Christians, but what many people don’t know if Tennessee is also very diverse. The middle school I went to was the most diverse school in the county, and my friend group alone had people from all of the world. Many people think that Tennessee is a bunch of hillbillys, while it is true that there are a lot, they live in certain parts of Tennessee. We say β€œy’all” a lot and we do like to go outdoors but even in Tennessee you will get made fun of for having a country accent or listening to country music. We are not just stupid hicks, we get a good education. And NO WE DO NOT MARRY OUR COUSINS. And if you ever visit Tennessee, do not try to use a country accent because we can tell if it’s fake.
Are you from Tennessee because your the only ten I see ;)
by From a katelyn February 08, 2019
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The best place in the whole world to live and visit.We have great cities great people and that great southern food!We have the many civil war parks and of course the great smoky mountains!If your a dumb Yankee who thinks everybody is out in a field with overalls on and a piece of straw hanging out of our mouth than KISS MY A**,because we don't!Just go to Nashville or Memphis and you'll see that we have big bustling cities too.And who can forget our AWESOME football team the Tennessee Vols! GO BIG ORANGE!!!!!!!!!!!
I've lived in Tennessee my whole life and I'm never leaving!
by tennessee lover June 07, 2013
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A very good place for anyone looking for a good education and a good laugh at the same time. Here are some tips to Northerners before you move here:

1: The food is called grits, notice the s, the food is not a grit, it is called grits
2: If you see girls saying "like" every other word, it is prefectly normal
3: If you are over age 10, female, and you like Hannah Montana/ Miley Cyrus stay away from Tennessee
4: Y'all is in the dictionary, get over it
5: 3/4 of the female population in Tennessee is "girly-girl"
so if you came to Tennessee to meet a "tomboy", good luck with that
6: Weather is unpredictable. It snows in April and is over 105 degrees F in October
7: In martial arts, there is almost no karate schools or other martial arts except for Tae kwon Do, you will find about 50 of those
8: There is a McDonalds in almost every town yet barely anybody is overweight
9: "I don't give a crap is just another way of saying, "I didn't much sleep last night"
10: Lastly, if you think you can just move here and be country then you obviously don't know a thing
Random woman at shoneys (northerner): excuse me, is this a grit?
Me (from Tennessee): yes ma'am that is the gritsssssss
Random woman: So that is a grit?
Me: yes ma'am that is the gritsssssss
Random woman: Thank you for showing me what a grit is
Me: -_- no problem
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One of the very few states that has decent moral values. I guess the ppl who say it sucks above must not like elvis. Btw, i live in TN
Tennessee boyz, dirty south boyz =D
by www.eternalsoldiers.net October 10, 2003
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