Yeah I know him. We been been!
by realspill October 21, 2015
wow been been island is a great place to stay
by echal July 28, 2003
Meaning to have already done that action already! Already did that
"That rent been done been paid. "
by Richchriscor4u March 23, 2017
Should have already done so prior to already doing so.
He been shoulda been payin’ me my money!
by Ghetto Fabulous Kitten February 15, 2018
A person who has BEEN being their authentic self , someone who is very good at their personal talents, style , and way of life.
1.) I’m really her 💅🏾Been that bitch been that girl BEEN BEEN !

3.)Them : omg I like your whole vibe you are dope! I

You : Thank you love , BEEN BEEN !
by Mrs.BEEN BEEN April 1, 2022