Tender Lovings; when during love making it's gentle, sweet, and passionate.
I just want some tender lovings tonight baby.
by Cute.wittle.bun bun March 24, 2017
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When a sexy man tenderly makes sweet sweet love to a woman. They caresses each other gently and roughly. The passion of their tender love making creates music so sweet angels would cry.
Baby,when I get home from work, I'm gonna cook you dinner, rip your clothes off, smack that ass and begin the tender love making to you tonight. Tender fucking love.
by Antioniobanderas12 February 5, 2014
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When your other half desides to show their effection by shitting on you. Normally On the cheast or face. Then rubbing it in like a cream.
"Guys guess what my Misses did last night"

"What man?"

"She took a tender love dump on me"

"No way man thas shit hot"
by KrRnWi March 10, 2008
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Giving caring sex when someone's emotions are in a poor state of repair
My husband/wife etc... has been under a lot of stress lately and after the hard day they just had, they are in need of a good Tender Loving Fuck (TLF)
by PC_is_out_of_hand July 17, 2016
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A tender loving eye fuck occurs when two strangers share a moment so intimate that it would be incorrect to classify it as a standard eye fuck. Instead of merely lust, a tender loving eye fuck also involves a mutual respect and a strong emotional attraction between the two subjects.
"Dude trust me, that brunette and I had the most epic tender loving eye fuck when I passed her. I guarantee that we'll get together sometime in the next couple of years."
by Gatt Meiger November 16, 2011
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