the choice of alcoholic beverage of the homeless,benefitter's and mushti's of this world.often refered to as trampagne or rocket fuel
Q: What are you drinking?
A: Tenants
R: Are you on benefits/Do you have a home?
by winged phantom October 9, 2006
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A person who has been allowed to reside in a private residence's backyard, inside a tent provided by the home owner.
After evicting my tent-tenant, I can now enjoy grilling in my yard without having to look at the tent.
by Devan Writer May 31, 2018
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When you take the top of a toilet off and shit in the water. Then every time someone flushes there will be shit particles in the bowl.
I don't understand! No matter how many times I flush, there's always shit in here! Oh! There's an upstairs tenant! Damn that's nasty.
by B. Hindman August 5, 2008
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To have any type of feline live inside you for a certain period of time greater than a week until rejected from your body due to lack of rent being paid.
I really regret kicking out my feline tenant. I would've lowered the rent if he needed it.
by July 4, 2017
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When the person who lived in your apartment before you moved in keeps the key then comes back shortly after you move in and steals small items of seemingly little consequence such as a pair of socks, camera memory card, package of hotdogs, or a pocket knife when plenty of things of much greater value are lying around. They may also leave a telltale sign that something is amiss such as leaving the light switch on, but turning the lamp off.
Aaron: Hey, Emily, were you in my room at all today?
Emily: Nope, why?
Aaron: Cuz someone turned off my lamp, but not the light and my camera memory cards are missing.
Emily: Darn previous tenant mischief
by they call me fluffy March 21, 2010
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(v): The act of digging the lent out of one's belly button
Person 1: Gross, man. What are you doing?
Person 2: Just evicting the Irish tenants.
Person 1: Please stop doing that at the table.
by Disgruntled_Landlord May 16, 2012
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