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Also known as "Disappointment". One who signs a contract, to pay rent in exchange for occupancy/use or real property, with reckless disregard for reasonable rules and without respect for the owner/landlord or other co-occupants in said building.
Every time that a landlord makes a compromise in the process of selecting a tenant, it will result in disappointment.
by TT4 January 12, 2008
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the choice of alcoholic beverage of the homeless,benefitter's and mushti's of this world.often refered to as trampagne or rocket fuel
Q: What are you drinking?
A: Tenants
R: Are you on benefits/Do you have a home?
by winged phantom October 09, 2006
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A configuration of ten ants, used by the Ottoman empire in World War One.
β€œThey unleashed the tenants and we lost the war”
by Wypipo whisperer August 24, 2019
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