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a wild violent windstorm accompanied with rain or hail; also sudden ourburst of emotions.
Its like a tempest in my mind.
by anki107 November 21, 2006
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The most beautiful girl in the world. She captures the essence of gorgeous in its entirety. She's everything you want in a girl and more. You couldn't find a girl better than her. She's the love of my life.
Talking to Tempest will keep you smiling the whole time.
by damiannn November 24, 2009
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An arcade game originally released in 1981 by Atari. Tempest was a vector-based arcade game designed and programmed programmed by Dave Theurer where the player would control a small ship that moved around in a wireframe tunnel destroying oncoming space ships. Besides being one of the most popular Arcade games of all time, Tempest also left a few urban legends in it's wake, one of which was Polybius - An early beta of the game which caused Vertigo and Motion Sickness, and was supposedly part of a government test to brainwash America's youth.
I played Tempest up at Pinball Pete's the other day. I lost quickly.
by E. Moran May 13, 2004
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The most awesome member of the forum GameKiller who eats S3NSA's, Kurais, Phoenix's, Vulcans and Crashes for breakfast. :3
Tempest is the most awesome guy in the world.
by Tempest of Game Killer August 05, 2009
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Tempest is a asian boi that playz fortnut. He kills mobile players with his mlg skillz.
by yougiveoofs July 21, 2018
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