a dravidian language that is on the verge of dying thanks to telugu people who rather prefer to use either English or Telgish in daily life. Try to use Telugu and you will meet uncomfortable stares that judge you as lame, uncool and low-class.

reasons for its predicament :
1)if you consume old movies/movies, you can see educated and affluent class of people acting all uppity by unnecessarily using English words to indirectly communicate their supposed "high-class" status. that was actual reality in 20th century. even others began to use Telgish to show those arrogant retards that it isn't a big deal to corrupt the beauty of Telugu. thus it became norm to rape Telugu to death.

2)unnecessary sanskritization. the modern standard telugu has tons of Sanskrit loan words, even if many Telugu words having the same meaning are available. telugu scholars love importing Sanskrit words for higher concepts(and for even mundane things) instead of creating words in Telugu even though many famous Telugu poets throughout history showed the potential of Telugu at describing higher concepts and coining new words. thus the technical/scientific terms are all either loan words from Sanskrit or made from Sanskrit root words. many scholars justify this by saying they are enriching telugu.

3) lack of language based identity unlike other southern Indian states. weirdly enough, telugu diasporas in other countries like USA, Canada show genuine interest towards telugu language and culture these days.
tikkana: samayam entha nAyanA (what's the time, lad?)
arjun: what? chal go back , time-traveler. memu don't speak telugu.
by Don'tCorrectMe May 4, 2019
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Telugu is a Dravidian language (South-Central Dravidian languages) primarily spoken in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh, where it is the official language. Including non-native speakers it is the most spoken Dravidian language, the third most spoken language in India after Hindi and Bengali, and one of the twenty-two official languages of the Republic of India. It is spoken among a diaspora population in the USA, Malaysia, Mauritius, South Africa, Ireland, Fiji, Réunion, Trinidad and the UK among other countries around the world. Extant works in Carnatic music, particularly the compositions of the present era (post 15th century), were written mostly in the then, highly-sanskritized Telugu.
Joe: What Language do you like most?
Ram: I like Telugu most.
by insideout March 11, 2008
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It's one of the most beautiful languages in India and is spoken by Andhrites (people of Andhra Pradesh). Some of the dickheads here either don't know Telugu or are suckers. Anyway, Telugu is a really nice language when spoken the right way with the right emphasis for each letter. It can also sound soft (unless the voice is really rough or hoarse) and it can really convey many emotions 'coz it's got a lot of vocabulary as well. I'm proud to be an Andhrite. xD
English: What's your name?
Telugu: Nee peru emiti?
by Akanksha May 16, 2008
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1. The Telugu language, mainly spoken in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. It is a Dravidian language that evolved from Tamil, however, much of its higher vocabulary is borrowed from Sanskrit. To someone who cannot read the script used to write the Telugu language, it will resemble a series of circles and semi-circles with lines and dots around them.

2. A person who natively speaks the Telugu language. Most people from Andhra Pradesh are a homogenized mix of South Indians (Dravidian people) and North Indians (Indo-Iranian people), however, it is probable that a person from Andhra Pradesh will have more Dravidian blood than Indo-Iranian blood.
1. Meeru Telugu matladuthara? (Can you speak Telugu?)

2. Chiranjeevi is a Telugu person.
by Govind2008 February 6, 2009
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1) An ethnolinguistic group native to south-central India. (Indian is not an ethnicity, it's a nationality because there was no concept of the country of India before the year 1947, whereas the Telugus as an ethnicity have existed for thousands of years). It's said that they're directly descended from a group called the Proto-Dravidians having some Indo-Aryan blood in them via intermarrying, with more Dravidian blood than Aryan, respectively. The Indian states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh are considered to be the homeland or motherland of the Telugu people.

2) A Dravidian language, descended from Proto-Dravidian, however, most of its formal vocabulary comes from Sanskrit (just like English is descended from Proto-Germanic, most of its formal vocabulary comes from Greek and Latin).
Person #1: What's your ethnicity?
Person #2: I'm Telugu.

Person #1: What's your mother tongue?
Person #2: My mother tongue is Telugu.
by milbrie July 14, 2021
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The Telugu language in India
Telugu is a Dravidian language native to India.
by postadavis February 20, 2018
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