speaker of any dravidian language
he speaks the dravidian language tamil
by coklrr October 2, 2003
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relating to or denoting a family of languages spoken in southern India and Sri Lanka, or the peoples who speak them
An example of a Dravidian language is Tamil.
by bluestinger66 July 5, 2023
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The colossal phallic organ of a Dravidian/Dravidiod Indian (mostly Shudhra / Dalit caste and/or South Indian). The huge size is a result of evolution in harsh climates to improve heat dissipation. Stronger blood flow is required to maintain body temperature in these harsh climates, and due to this, Dravidians can maintain rock hard erections for long periods of time. While both of the above adaptations serve their purpose, they also translate to unrivalled size and stamina in the bed, which ultimately leads to superior ability in pleasuring women. The Dravidian penis has always been envied by Aryan boys and their micro-phallic counterparts for decades, and many researchers have suggested that this is a significant reason for the creation of the caste system.

While the Dravidian Penis is trouble to the Aryan males, it is the dream of the Aryan female. Many Married Aryan Womens hear about the other-worldly pleasure that can be provided by the Dravidian Penis and therefore cheat on their microphallic Aryan husbands to seek the 'Treasure of India'. Hence, many Aryan Males such as Virat Kholi and Shah Rukh Khan spend time endlessly campaigning in fairness advertisements to shame the Dravidian complexion, and hence prevent their wives choosing the superior Dravidian Dragon over the Aryan Ant.
(Aryan Mother to Daughter) Beti, do not make the same mistake I did. If you marry a Dravidian man instead, his Dravidian Penis will make your pussy rain)
by Mollah De Pyaza 2 October 14, 2017
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