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a dravidian language that is on the verge of dying thanks to telugu people who rather prefer to use either English or Telgish in daily life. Try to use Telugu and you will meet uncomfortable stares that judge you as lame, uncool and low-class.

reasons for its predicament :
1)if you consume old movies/movies, you can see educated and affluent class of people acting all uppity by unnecessarily using English words to indirectly communicate their supposed "high-class" status. that was actual reality in 20th century. even others began to use Telgish to show those arrogant retards that it isn't a big deal to corrupt the beauty of Telugu. thus it became norm to rape Telugu to death.

2)unnecessary sanskritization. the modern standard telugu has tons of Sanskrit loan words, even if many Telugu words having the same meaning are available. telugu scholars love importing Sanskrit words for higher concepts(and for even mundane things) instead of creating words in Telugu even though many famous Telugu poets throughout history showed the potential of Telugu at describing higher concepts and coining new words. thus the technical/scientific terms are all either loan words from Sanskrit or made from Sanskrit root words. many scholars justify this by saying they are enriching telugu.

3) lack of language based identity unlike other southern Indian states. weirdly enough, telugu diasporas in other countries like USA, Canada show genuine interest towards telugu language and culture these days.
tikkana: samayam entha nAyanA (what's the time, lad?)
arjun: what? chal go back , time-traveler. memu don't speak telugu.
by Don'tCorrectMe May 4, 2019
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Getting angry and frustrated to the point you lose all senses and be nothing but angry and frustrated.

You get super horny and you watch porn video but the internet disconnects, while you begin to fap furiously to stave off depression, sending you into apoplectic rage
they banned me again for not following their petty rules. They triggered my fucking apoplectic rage and i ain't gonna chill down until i fucking destroy 4chan with my super hacker online friends
by Don'tCorrectMe August 5, 2018
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