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A strong fear of phones for some outside reason.
1A) Either you might be horribly afriad of being around a phone. For the chance it might ring or answering it.
1B) A fearing of talking on one of them for other reasons of your own.
2) Also it could be someone who is just very annoyed of them which makes them react making them fear it.
3) And a fear of talking with strangers on the big giant phone of DOOM!!!
4) Fear of even hearing the word phone uttered, typed, or sounding anything remotly close to the word.
1A) Kalid: Hey you should have seen Will the other day. He heard a phone ringa a spicy taco. When asked about this he mention he had telepobia.

1B) The little boy got a phone call from one of friends but wouldn't talk for he didn't like talking on the phone for he had telefobia.

2) Flippers: Did you see Glabble Snabble the other day? He saw someone talking on the phone, got mad, and went all kung fu fighting on the poor kid.

3) Diddy wouldn't talk on the phone because he was afried of talking to stangers for he thought it was DOOMFUL!!!!

4) When Mrs. Vale-Potato Tweezers was exclaim an incident and uttered the word "foam." Bowls-with-Earplugs ran out the door scream like daffy duck getting hunted during rabbit season.
by Commander Squirrelz May 05, 2007
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