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When getting a blowjob and a girl scrapes your shit with her teeth
So and So was givin me head and started teethin so I punched that bitch in the face.
by Michaellee33 April 04, 2005
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1.) To perform oral sex on a female's vagina vigorously.
2.) To perform oral sex on a male or female's anus vigorously.
3.) When sex is so damn good to either the male or female, their teeth begin to grind or quiver.
4.) Talkin' mad shit.
ex 1.) I was teethin' my girl out last night and the bitch was grabbin' my hair and shit.
ex 2.) I saw Bob teethin' Randy's ass the hell out last night.
ex 3.) I was ridin' that nigga so good, my man started teethin' on me.
4.) That nigga need a watch what he be teethin' for he get knocked out.
by Nunyabiznessmuthafucka January 23, 2004
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