Someone who hates turnbased combat with a passion. Usually is short.
I tried to recommend a game to someone be she was such a teeb and refused to play it cause of the combat.
by OraoraMuda September 25, 2020
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A Teeb is a great person with so much potential that they dont know yet.She cares about her family even through the hard times.She might've been hurt a few times but she always recovers.She only develops feelings with sincerity.A teeb thinks about others before herself.
by Yknow Who April 19, 2020
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Trapped Energy & Emotional Blocks - as seen on YouTube Law Of Attraction infomercial.
Very interesting points made. Call of Duty reinforced my negative emotions and evolving PTSD of a violent breakup. I used to dream up I wish I had a nice truck & my dad accidentally bidded on my dream truck. After my breakup, I lost everything & nothing I did went without disaster. So I immediately recognized when I heard about the Law Of Attraction is a true universal law a curse follows. Just like physics. But for the mind. Which is under attack by public media & games asking you to role play--mind control tactics. Sheep off a cliff.
Example: Let's role play. Role playing is what defines hypnosis, painting a journey in the mind of a participant. (Conversation is like role play, being an observer.)
Feeling unable to we can role play (story time) that I am going and doing . The show Shameless, Sheila goes VR grocery shopping. "Pretending" is Role Play.
Once I cleaned the TEEB from between my ears, my subconscious wasn't attracting sabotage with bad vibes bouncing back.
by CappyWaffleNips January 04, 2019
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