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Teeb is a great word, more commonly known as "To Be Honest" but it has progressed to a more general meaning. It can be used in any situation
"I'm so due teeb"
"Oi don't get butt Teeb"
by scootle professor March 25, 2019

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the action during sexual intercourse where the male enters the female vagina with his penis and procceds to jack off with his hand and penis still in the vagina. - a clamp may be needed to fullfill this.
"aww mate me and jessica had such a good scootle sesh last night"
by scootle professor September 19, 2018

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When a man enters the room and you are instantly wet and/or aroused you know it's a chappo. Chappo's are incredibly well known for their ability to turn women on without the slightest touch. Chappo's also have unreal dress sense and a perfect smile to match their gorgeous blue eyes. If you manage to get your hands on a chappo everyone will be that jealous. Chappo's are all for the boys - but are never gay.
Jessica: Oh my why am I suddenly aroused.

Rebecca: me too, that's because a chappo just walked in the room.

Chad: Bro just met a chappo and he's possibly the loosest cunt I've ever met and is so for the boys.
by scootle professor April 02, 2020

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Ez is a short word for "Easy Butt". this word can be used during someone being angry, annoyed an just overall fuck off pissed at something you may have said. What's great about the word Ez, is it even adds to the original annoyance of the individual.
"Oi clout, emily's rank"
"Shut up Kirk, you're got nothing going for you"
by scootle professor March 25, 2019

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