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An inexpensive, semiautomatic, high capacity 9mm assault pistol manufactered by intratec. Its shrouded barrel and large magazine in front of the grip give it its menacing appearance. because of its large ammo capacity, from 30 to 50 rounds depending on the clip, this weapon is favored by thugs, and criminals. It considered far too unreliable, heavy and inacurate for self-defense. Its most notorious use was the role it played in the Columbine High School shootings
Grab yo tec-9 so we can go blast those niggas!
by agentsteve July 02, 2005
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A inexpensive, unreliable, 9mm weapon used by people who think who are hot shit and live in the ghetto. it was made infamous by rappers, and Dylan Klebold who used it to kill students with Eric Harris at Columbine High School.
"Dylan pulled out his Tec - 9 and busted those mother fucking jocks!"
by bunchalinks March 29, 2010
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The correct designation for what is sometimes called a Tech-9, Tek-9, etc. It is a semi-auto only 9mm pistol made by IntraTec. It never has been a machine gun, machine pistol, or sub-machine gun. It has never been used by military or police units. It is a favorite of people who don't know jack about firearms.
The TEC-9 is not a machine gun.
by Firearm Instructor August 17, 2006
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The Tec-9 sub machine gun is pretty much the modern day Tommy gun. It's used by hundreds of street gangs and terrorists. Though the full-auto version is extinct, you can by them in some places of America in gun stores in semi-automatic for very cheap (because they are not very accurate or reliable), but they can be converted to shoot full-auto very easily, that’s why they are so popular, and they are also light and compact and pack a high volume of firepower - you can get up to 50 round magazines!
"Give me a strap!" "Hear, take my Tec 9!"
by SiMo))) January 27, 2006
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a tec 9 is a 9mm semiautomatic pistol with a magazine capacity that ranges from 10 to 50 rounds. mostly used by terrorist groups and thugs.
"theres a nigga with a tec come and wet my shirt, i catch bullets in my spleen and them shits burn" - prodigy (Mobb Deep)
by teh tequila November 28, 2004
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popular automatic handgun made by intratec. it was banned due to its futuristic appearance
"Just spray that tec nigga if I say get it done. And make it wet nigga if you 'round me son" -50cent
by jdmcivic September 14, 2004
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A sidearm purchasable only on T side in CS:GO. The tec-9 goes by many names such as: the KeK-9, the ReKt-9, or the round 1 rifle. Unlike in valve's flawless rendition of the weapon the weapon is pretty shit in real life known for its poor accuracy and relatively large magazine sizes, Along with its apparent underworld popularity. However in CS:GO it is renowned for it's $500 price tag and the exact opposite traits it is loved for IRL. With greater first shot accuracy than the AK-47 (a $2700 rifle) an 18 round magazine and rather good run and gun accuracy. This combined with killing a fully armored enemy with 1 headshot can make it rather cancerous, and thus better than the M4A4 (A.K.A. the 98 in 4) in headshot damage.

Gameplay use usually involves it firing visible projectiles and you getting headshot. These projectiles usually take the form of the lmao emoji or some other stale or dead meme. However if you live long enough to hear it, it makes a very distinct "KEK", Roblox death sound, or in rare cases a "REKT" noise. Strategy: rush b cyka blyat.
CT1: ok fellas let's save cuz it's the first round And split up.

CT2: good idea that way we can get rifles if we win this one.

*Ominous noises*

CT1: is someone there?




CT1: oh no...

CT1: *Dies to TEC-9*
by Logikill99 June 26, 2019
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