That one fucker in school who alwys has their work done before you 've even started.
That guy with the straight one hundred in world geography he is a teacher's bitch.
by drumerboy March 2, 2007
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a teacher who is jealous of her own students' talent and gives them sorry grades because she is bitter about still teaching high school.


a teacher who dislikes a student for reasons of her own b/c she is a fat bitch and the student is clearly more attractive than her and keeps the student from going on competitions by illegally taking ONE grade for a nine weeks period.
Mrs. Dobbins is a stupid teacher bitch, who has no talent of her own and can't stand it when a student is better than her.
by rf131286 September 7, 2008
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the word used to describe a teacher who is in fact a bitch..
That mrs archer is such a teacher bitch...
by J to the O-S-H September 29, 2006
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1.A teacher who is a total bitch.

2.A very common form of teacher, most commonly associated with math or literacy.
by Chuck Brason June 5, 2010
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A fucking bitch who gets on your nerve every day, and decides to take everything you bring in class to the office and makes you want to slap the bitch out of her.
Wow, Mrs. Tess is a annoying bitch teacher.
by Vinderhar April 5, 2017
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a teacher who is a total bitch, a fuck, and always screws up your life and gives extra, uncalled for homework. normally a substitute teacher, and typically has glasses, is old, and has a squeaky voice.
Person 1: did you see the way that humanities teacher with glasses just send those kids to the principal and also set us extra homework?
Person 2: she must really be a annoying bitch teacher!
by mikowang March 12, 2019
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