A magical blue colored rabbit that can talk. Like a Super hero! Dobbins is a legend of a time traveling bunny. He was previously owned by Alexander Dobbins, one of the founders of the town of Gettysburg Pennsylvania. Dobbins was named rightly so after his beloved master. Dobbins was believed to have crawled into rabbit hole as he was frightened by the sounds of cannon fire at the Battle of Gettysburg on July 1,2,3 1863 and he never seemed to return home after the battle. In recent times, People has seen him in places as obscure as Wal-Mart. Hence the legend of the time traveling Bunny lives...even though he would be like 150 years old, or something.... Some have even witnessed him speak. They say he has a British accent. Some have seen him river dance! His attitude can be snappy and rotten at times, but mostly he's sweet.
Dobbins how old are you? Ummmm I'm like 150 years old or something.
by RShackelford May 26, 2020
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the greatest thing to ever happen to mankind since icecream.
"who's that ninja.?"
"oh he's a dobbins."
by Juan H Gonzalez October 18, 2008
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General term of animosity, usually used interchangeably for an asshole or cock block.
I was about to pull into a spot in the parking lot today when some Dobbins came out of nowhere and stole it.
by moonbear96 April 02, 2011
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A bird-like creature often prancing around like a fag. It can be found eating its own feces or listening to anoying German music.
A Dobbins is known for having a rather gay hairstyle (such as dreadlocks or a mowhawk)
Look at that fag going to the Soal Salon, he is such a Dobbins.
by Kennith Bibby January 12, 2009
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(V) The act of using a single digit on one's hand in a hopeless effort to sexually arouse his/her bitch. Also knows as the one finger to rule them all or the one finger wonder. Opposite of the Hulk Finger.
-I tried Dobbinsing this one girl last night but she wasn't feeling it.

-Friend 1 "I tried to get my girl to squirt last night but nothing happened."
Friend 2 "Where you using the Dobbins?"

-Frodo was ever so grateful when his uncle Bilbo graced him with the "One Finger to Rule Them All", however, it was not long before he discovered this power was for naught.
by Steeldrumer24 December 04, 2014
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dobbin is to refer to someone or something as good looking.
morgan: that boys so dobbin
jodie: ooft i would
by Morgan :) April 06, 2008
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Stripping aluminum anodizing from bicycle parts and subsequently polishing them to a mirror finish. Turning dull stuff into bling, essentially.
"Dobbinize that aluminum bike part!"
by StickEmToEm June 02, 2009
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