A Cunt who failed in life and likes to take it out on people who will become more successful them him/her
She got Dump she’s acting like a Teacher
by It’s true bitches October 24, 2018
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A person who works his/her butt off preparing for students and trying to help them get a head start in life. They work for little pay, and are spoken poorly about by people ignorant of their cause. As with all people, some care more than others. But they still do more than the average onlooker observes.
A teacher can be found planning lessons, grading papers, researching activities, going to meetings, calling homes, greeting people, tolerating bullcrap, rationalizing, destressing, parenting for parents who don't know how to or don't give a damn about parenting.
by Nadz1 September 06, 2005
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Someone who barely gets paid and takes her/his anger on people (students).
1. My teacher gave me tons of useless homework for the weekend. What a bitch!

2. How did i end up being a teacher??!!! Even a cop and a janitor make more money than me! I'm gonna take my anger on those little motherfuckers! Tons of homework for the weekend!!! Hahahahaha (evil laugh) hahaha...

by spiderkarnage July 25, 2011
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First of all, lets make it clear, i am talking about a GOOD teacher. Bad teacher that just hangout around in the class waiting to get paid dont deserve a Definition.And the definition is not for Kindergarden or Elementary teachers

(good) teachers are a group of hard working people. They waste years of their life trying to teach teens that doesn't even give a fuck about anything that happens in school. They sometimes stay overnight just to plan their lesson for tomorrow, but whats the point when most of them don't even give a damn bout what's going on in class? But they still plan it, they hope that one day those self-centered and ignorant teens will appreciate their hard-work and learn for once. They get a low pay, with their knowledge its pretty sure they can get a better job and higher wage. But they wont, why? Because they want to educate and make the teens have a brighter future, grow up into some one useful to the society. Despite their low wage, those kind ones still buy supplies for their students with their OWN money, some students not only DON'T appreciate, they take it for granted, break all the stuff just to look "cool" or like a "bad-ass rebel", to impress his range of friends. They even get insulted at times, because they gave work for the students to do. If you dont want to do work, TELL ME WHY THE FUCK WOULD YOU EVEN COME TO SCHOOL???!!! or they simply just want to say something bad about the teacher. They talk about their looks, what they wear and everything ranging from what they eat to their lifestyle. Its not as if you look that Perfect yourself. Admit it, no one does, no one looks perfect,every one have different opinions about things. I can go on and on about things that happen to teachers, the hard working ones that never wanted much in return. They just wanted to "Give".

Yes, i am not stating ALL the teens, not every teen are like this, there are also hard working ones that appreciate and give thank that thy can learn. The whole chunk of words above only apply to some.

I am only 14 myself, hereby, i thank all the REAL teachers that chose this job and always was always there for us, no matter how horrible we were some times
(The begin of the year, TeacherA bought new supplies for her students)
TeacherB: *knocks* i need to to talk to you
TeacherA: Alright, class work on your "______" till i come back
ignorantTeenA: haha i'ma gonna break all her pencils! Rip her coloured construction paper haha, shes so dumb!
ignorantTeenB: Haha yeah, thats sick man! get me some!
TeacherA:*comes back* who broke these?
*everyone keeps quiet*
ignorantTeenA: not me, i was working all the time
ignorantTeenB: its that kid over there!
by StopHate July 31, 2009
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An underpaid person that tries to educate kids. But can't. Because:
1. Kids are not allowed to be beaten.
2. Parents in America are useless and don't beat their kids.
3. Rap music.
4. Cell phones.
The kids passed on into the next grade, even though they couldn't read or write.
We wouldn't want them to feel left out and hurt their feelings, so we pushed them through anyways.
The future of America is looking pretty sweet!
by hooper May 15, 2004
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People who liked school so much that they couldn't stand to leave.They 'have a passion for kids' and could never regret following the career path they chose.

They think that everyone likes them no matter what. Truthfully, nobody likes them at all.

Teachers are fun to annoy.
*Ways To Annoy Your Teachers:
1. Don't write your name on your papers.
2. Ask a lot of pointless questions that have nothing to
do with what you are learning. (ex: Why do you write
with a blue pen instead of a black one?)
3. Mumble LOUDLY to yourself while you are taking a test.
4. Role your pencil on your desk.
5. Refuse to answer questions out loud (on accout that it
conflicts with your religious beliefs).
6. Refer to your teacher as Sir or Mam. End every sentence
with Sir or Mam. (ex: The answer to number 13 is 9, Sir)
7. Don't pay attention. Say 'what?' everytime they call on

by glasshalfempty October 10, 2005
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People that teach you in school. They could be good or bad. Most are bad if you have my teachers. Like my math teacher would cry in front of the room about how like her. Most of them act like they care, but they don't.
The worst teacher I've ever had is my current home ect teacher. She hates all of her students except her favorite. She yells at you for the smallest reason, and never stops talking about the house that she is bluiding. Everyone hates her. She doesn't deserve her job. God, I hate her.

The best yeacher was my old reading teacher. She was cool.

Teachers make school boring.

by Blake Marie March 26, 2007
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