A man or woman who stands up in front of the classroom on the first day of school and tells you they teach "differently" than all the teachers you have had in the past. They then proceed to give you work to do from your textbook.
Teacher: I teach differently than most teachers you have had, we do a lot of fun activities in here. Now open up your books to page 267 and answer questions 1-5.
by soxxfan9824 November 29, 2008
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While telling a sexually charged story, yelling profanities, or sticking waterbottles in you pants have a lookout yell TEACHER!!!!!! when a teacher is near, as not to be beaten with a paddle. FOR BEST effect every one must yell the word AS LOUd and as many times as possible(so you dont look suspicious) and then begin to dance in a robotic fashion
So i stuck a hamster in my ass and heard it scream....
lookout-TEACHER!!!! (everyone stops and dances)
by ahoboinred November 25, 2007
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Teachers are those people who ask you to find solutions for problems you haven't known before.
The teacher asks: Why is a parallelogram not the same as a trapezoid?
-> Is that really important???????
-> Do we really need to know that in our future??
by KleeneNot4U December 09, 2006
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Usually caring and inspirational in elementary school.
Teachers in middle school and beyond are souless bastards sent by Satan.

Most teachers are ignorant and/or hate children. Makes you wonder why they picked
I don't care that you have a break! The day we come back from holiday vacation we have a quiz.


Because I'm the teacher and I said so.
by BlackPowderMinusTheD January 04, 2010
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Someone who beleives themself to be smarter than you and usually is trying to educate younger or less intellectual people.
I hate the way most teachers arent actually as smart as their students.
by Eragonvsharry January 28, 2010
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A person who dedicated their lives to make other children's life miserable simply because they have no lives at all. They ensure that no one else does either.
Kid 1: Does Ms. Smith have a life?
Kid 2: Of course not. Teachers don't.
by andsothelionatethelamb January 15, 2010
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