Stands for 'Trading Card Game'.
"I play the Pokémon TCG."
by Mad Walrus August 7, 2002
The netspeak meaning “Top Comment God” that is over replied to every comment on every platform.
Creator: …and thᴇn she…
Commentor: The way she wrote “e” threw me for a loop
Replier 1: No it didn’t.
Replier 2: Yoooo tcg!
by sunkmybattleship April 16, 2022
Means Trading Card Game. Also used as slang by YuGiOh card players who don't want to actually call it Yugioh.
"You up for a game of TCG?"
"You mean Yugioh TCG?"
"Yes. Yugioh, the trading card game."
by salgat August 13, 2009
girls whos collars are orange from all the foundation + coverup they wear. They have orange faces and white colored skin.

T:tan C: collar G:girls
ew. her collar has her face on it. shes a TCG!@#$%^&
by pinkRAZARizlove January 23, 2008
T.C.G abbr. for Two Cock Gob. Simple and effective term to describe a slut
shall we have a go? i bet shes got a TCG
by ThrashTang monkey October 7, 2003
Topanga Canyon Gang

a (n) The craziest mutha fuckas sense mc hammer.

b (v) to kill or to slay a csg homo
a. Hey dawg, those fools are straight reppin TCG. You betta watch out.

b. I'ma fuckin tcg yo ass bitch.
by Scooby Rogers June 1, 2009
Taking Care of Guests
Ahhh?!?!? Are you excited to TCG tonight???
by Hmogk October 22, 2013