Tactical Chunder

Making yourself puke when on a heavy drinking session, so being able to continue
You have to down all 10 pint within the hour. No piss stops or tc's allowed.
by Thamesboy May 05, 2005
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Roger E. Mosely from the hit 1980's television show Magnum P.I.
Roger E. Mosely played TC in the television series Magnum P.I.
by D. Anderson July 14, 2005
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an abbreviation of tight C*nt,

also reffered to as scrooge, johnny long pockets, moth wallet, michael heaven, dude wheres the bar, generousophobic
hey mike, stop being a tc and go the bar
by DJ_FERNZ October 08, 2006
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(tee-cee)Short for "train-conductor"-1.A girl that has or would like to be trained. 2. The ulitmate slut, gets on everyone at a party. (mostly used as a joke or insult to girl, this person usually prefers multipy partners or "carts" in bed at one time.)
That bitch gets on everyone, she is such a TC!
by CTnotTC(: August 31, 2010
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Abbreviation of 'Too cool'
Someone (usually a chick) who is either really rich, smart, social, sporty or all of the above, knows this and acts like a total snob. Will only hang with other tcs and looks down on everyone else.
"She made two girls move to another table so her little gang could sit together."
"Ugh, she's such a tc."
by Icyicy00 September 13, 2015
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to be too crunk; extra excited, loud, and gangsta
They were TC at that party, yesterday.
by DANIA August 28, 2004
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