What you call a guy when he have mashed potatoes fall on his nuts. Derived from an episode of That 70's Show.
Hyde: Let's ask Tater Nuts.
Kelso: Don't call me that!
by sb129 April 15, 2008
Well endowed Sack of Testicles well having Small Penile Shaft

or a Nickname of some people
"His shaft was small, but he had a nice set of Tater Nuts!"

"His Tater Nuts were slamming my clit like a demolition crane tearing down a building."

"Hey Tater Nuts, Check out that girl."
by Jason aka TaterNuts December 27, 2005
The testicles of a Mexican boy. Easily aroused by fat chicks.
by Kyler Kephart November 20, 2007
What you call someone who falls asleep while hanging out with a group of friends. Usually passing out due to several substances in the body. Drunk or stoned. It's often accompany with a punch to the chest to wake the person up.
After several beers, Mark fell asleep on the couch while watching a movie. Zack yelled "Quit being a tater nuts," and punched him in the chest.
by RPaulsen December 14, 2009