Clumpy piece of hair and shit, between the butt cheeks
by Chris van Bleissem September 24, 2003
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It's a dry peace of shit between the buttcheeks, it can become painful after a while..
Bryan says he has tarrels, just because he thinks it's funny, but the truth is he really has tarrels and it hurts him alot.
So it doesn't have to be funny!
by Mosterdrmobiel October 5, 2007
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it's a piece of poo stuck in your hair of your behind.
When you pull this little fellow( tarrel ) out, their are hairs stuck in it.
It's the most disguisting fellow i know
by Fox_ November 30, 2007
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Tarrell is very handsome and goofy you can never be bored with him he's very athletic and cocky. He's probably one if the finest boys I ever dated he is very caring and compassionate but he can be an asshole.
Your such a Tarrell
by Goofygirlj January 15, 2019
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A tarrel is a piece of shit that gets stuck in your butt hair.

It can also be a dried up piece of shit that you find in your underwear.
When I pulled down my pants yesterday I found a tarrel in my underwear.

When I showered yesterday I had to use the shower to rid my ass of tarrels.
by Sjeddo January 16, 2009
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A man like no other. He is affectionate, attentive, faithful, generous and wonderful. He can easily bring a smile to your face with his charisma...and his bedroom skills. He’s strong, handsome and hardworking. Very family oriented and above all would make a great father.
by Simpatic05 June 15, 2019
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