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A homeless man with middle fingers missing on both hands, giving the appearance of crab like claws instead of hands - or clumps.

A Clumpy is also a popular dance move, where a person walks sideways like a crab and imitates picking up cans with their outermost fingers. An odd, distorted face usually accompanies these movements.
Look out for Clumpy down that alley, he'll be after your cans!
by ClumpyLover July 20, 2011
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The lumps of undissolved hot chocolate left in the bottom of your mug that taste really grainy or absolutely delicious.
Elliot : Hot chocolate like better tea
Katie : Yeah , but I don't like the Clumpies
by Hen025 June 08, 2016
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Used to describe someone who fat, but not really round. The fat clumps in different places, making him or her look lumpy or made out of play-doh.
"Dude, did you see that hambeast walk by? It was one clumpy motherfucker."
by zipzapzookie July 10, 2008
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A term of endearment for one whos feet are grossly disproportional to ones frame. This state can be greatly exaggerated by big boots, marble floors and a gormless look.
"that cleaner is clumpy"
by Leia January 20, 2005
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(plural of clumpy )when a girl is on her period a clump of blood ( the lining of the uterus) comes out, usually in a clump, hence the naming clumpy, or clumpies.
Jeeze, I hate it when I get clumpies on my pad and they get squished...
by Tanya-Tay February 26, 2006
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the act of recieving oral sex while curbing someone
"Robert didnt feel making him bite the curb was ruthless enough, so he made the kid's girlfriend give him a clumpy"
by mikemikemikeee February 05, 2008
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