Tarb is "brat" spelled backwards. It is a politically correct way to describe someone, mostly a child, who is behaving like a brat, but you don't want them to know what they are being called, or to not cause them mental harm, or to speak openly in front of children without them knowing you're being derogatory.
Sally, why are you being a tarb?

We need to be more careful when john's friend William comes over to play, he can be a real tarb!
by 2ndicratpatrol August 02, 2017
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A person who argues just for the sake of arguing on a message board.
Man, he is such a Tarb!
by KT October 04, 2004
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Tarb, derived from the backwards spelling of brat, meaning worse than a brat, an annyoing person etc.
Xiomara, your such a fucking tarb, go away!
by lezbianca November 26, 2004
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an all purpose word that mad pimps/bros use to replace any word chosen by the user

see also:skizz
1 - Lets go tarb some bitches
2 - Piranha 3d was super tarb
3 - I just tarbed all over her hair. it was dank
4 - Hey bro, come tarb up this bong with me
by n00bTrev August 23, 2010
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