A Japanese knife or small sword, they are forged generally in hira-zukuri, meaning that they have no ridge-line, unlike the shinogi-zukuri shape of a katana. They were generally very thin and therefore would cut soft targets extremely well.
It is also the shortest of three similar swords, the wakizashi and the katana
my tanto was made to stab you

by wakizashimaster August 27, 2006
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A tanto is very similar to a katana. It is shorter, about 6"-12" (15-30 cm) and very thin. It was designed for stabbing, but could be used to slash.
When Musashi lost his katana in battle, he pulled out his tanto.
by Slavakion June 25, 2004
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When you team up with a bro to double team a broad and the balls rub together creating friction and sparking a small fire, needing only marshmallows and smores
Hey did you hear jimmy and steve tanto that bitch last night? they burnt down the whole apartment complex
by SmithJonesbatman101 August 30, 2010
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A person of Indian descent . Not Native American, The India Subcontinent
Originates from the epic Film "Who's Harry Crumb?" starring the legendary John Franklin Candy.
He Tanto! That's a nice elephant you got there.
by chi chi killer November 24, 2005
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Tantoe is a term that is used to exaggerate your opinion or statement. For example:
"That car is tantoe nice bro."
Where tantoe exaggerate the fact that he has a nice ride.
Your ride is tantoe nice bro
by De Zwoele Man July 4, 2015
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Word when a Mexican teenager looks like hes 30.
Look at that tanto his mustache is huge.

Chris is a tanto.

"Hola tanto"

"Your son is a tanto, thats rad."
by Charlie (tanto) May 17, 2007
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