Woman: What is Tamil?
Man: Tamil is a language, bitch.
by DanielMartin September 7, 2007
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You all make me laugh! tamil is one of the oldest languages in the world and many other languages have borrowings from it. For example, in English words such as Shampoo, Hoppers, Bungalow, Balcony, and a few others come from Tamil.

Tamil is very pleasing to the ear if spoken properly. It is a beautiful language, and does sound delightfully gay in an artistic silk and chiffon way! After all, it is mainly spoken and also originates in South India, which itself is colourfully camp and extravagant!

Linguists from around the world (especially Germany and USA) often go to South India to do research on this language. Tamil also carries a rich culture, classics, legends etc. Indian Classical dance traces its roots to Tamil, and so do Ragas, tunes, music etc. It is even said that the language is over 8000 years old.

Tamil has around 247 alphabets and to be honest, it isn't easy to learn. But the sing-song tone of the language (when spoken properly!) and pronounced well, have an intoxicating ring to it. It is also a very dramatic language with many theatrical, dramatic and passionate phrases, expressions and exclamations used in everyday life, day to day, by its speakers. tamil writers often use out -of-the-world expressions like "the untold sadness of a faraway train"... "the inexpressable happiness of the rain"... the evident loneliess of the moon... etc.
tamil is just amazing... you can say things you usually can't in other languages, and nobody will laugh at you...When you want to express the joy of having the Man/Woman whom you had a crush on finally succumb to your charms, in which other language can you say, "The fruit that dangled above my head has now fallen into the very glass of milk I held in my palms?"

And old saying in Tamil says "Tamilukkum Amudu Endru Peyar" meaning... another name for "Tamil" is "nectar!" It's a delicious language that one enjoys speaking...with relish!
by Emman September 11, 2006
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tamil actually means the name of a well known clasic dravidian indian orgin language, which is spoken in most parts of south india, northern sri lanka, sngapore, malasya, maldives, moritius; scattered alover affrica, northern and southen america, western europe (esp in britain and france) and costal australia.
by paxi_2 October 20, 2003
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Urban dictionary : Second oldest Indian language. Sanskrit is the oldest Indian language.

Mine : Tamil is much older than Sanskrit..

Urban Dictionary : Tamil is the only Indian language that has almost no Sanskrit influence.

Mine : Not true, there are a lot of Tamil words that has Sanskrit influence.

Urban Dictionary : It has been declared a classical language in India. It is not as pleasing to the ear as other Indian languages though. Other Indian languages like Hindi, Urdu, Telugu, Punjabi and Bengali are generally more pleasing to the ear.

Mine : Irrelevant and hateful..

Urban Dictionary :
Tamil is one of India's classical languages

Mine : Finally this guy got something right..
by Thivaharan March 9, 2005
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the only language in india that doesn't sound gay. less gay than i.e. hindi, punjabi, bengali, gujarati and other north indian language which are know to be extremely gay, and those speakers tend to speak like women.
you are so tamil, .....means u can't be gay.
by tamere July 24, 2006
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A language that sounds like two metal spoons banging each other making it extremely irritating to nearby listeners
Tamil boy: ding poong ting bing lung bung
Random bystander: could you please shut the fuck up with that shit.
by HunkyFunky April 3, 2020
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Tamil is the closest language to the ANCIENT language known as *DRAVIDIAN*. Dravidian was also thought to be spoken by the Indus Valley Civilization. Tamil is the one of the National Languages of India, Singapore and Sri Lanka. It is one of the oldest south indian languages. Many people have said it is a *Indo-European* or atleast close to *Indo-European* language. It has no relation! Indo-European was an Indo-Aryan language a couple MILLENIUMS ago. Tamil (really spelt Thamizh) is dravidian! Sanskrit has nothing in common with it. Search up Indus Valley and Indo-Aryan for more info. Sanskrit is a hindhu language. Tamil is also. But hardly any words are similar. Similar languages to tamil include *Malayalam*,*Telungu* and *Kannada*.

Tamil also has 247 letters. Many tamil names translate into english as many as 10-?? letters. My lasy name has 6 letters in tamil and 14 in english. This is because tamil has joint letter sounds. It is also rare because out of all languages in the world, it is the only to have the *"Mowlava Laana"* sound.

Tamil is an awesome language; so are many other languages. Remember though, Sanskrit is nothing to tamil...look over those Kovil Manthrams again :).
Iunno wtf to say...tamil is awesome!
by Lankanpeace February 8, 2010
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