A person who, much like the one level property that is their namesake, has nothing upstairs.
Bunny: "George has even managed to spell his own name incorrectly, what a Bungalow"
by Bunny Phluff March 13, 2008
The moistening of a finger, by way of mouth, to be inserted into the anal cavity of your activity partner.
After the BUNGALOW i couldnt shit right for a week.
During the BUNGALOW i pooed a little.
by Mick Bastard August 16, 2009
A small little house in the jungle "bungalow in the jungalow" or in someones backyard where teenagers go to smoke weed without their parents around
"let's go over to mikulas bungalow and smoke up this 10er"

"ayy you up for some bongin in da bungers?"
by HonzaMikula1111 November 30, 2008
A sex position involving at least 3 people and a bunk bed. When a male is having intercourse with a female on the top bunk of a bunk bed, the female must be hanging upside down, this allows the female to simultaneously preform oral sex to the person and/or persons on the bottom bunk.
I got a bunk bed so me and my bro can finally try the Bungalow!
by JMucc December 1, 2017
Refers to an over-priced, yet small piecoe of real estate generally in a very desirable location. also can mean having been taken advantage of in some way.
I need T.P. for my bungalow.... or... I feel like I paid too much for those concert tickets. I hope I didn't just get it up the bungalow.
by K. Ellwanger September 10, 2007
meaning that you are so wasted you are incapable of managing the stairs
well and truly bungalowed
by fluffjunky February 4, 2010