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Tamil is the closest language to the ANCIENT language known as *DRAVIDIAN*. Dravidian was also thought to be spoken by the Indus Valley Civilization. Tamil is the one of the National Languages of India, Singapore and Sri Lanka. It is one of the oldest south indian languages. Many people have said it is a *Indo-European* or atleast close to *Indo-European* language. It has no relation! Indo-European was an Indo-Aryan language a couple MILLENIUMS ago. Tamil (really spelt Thamizh) is dravidian! Sanskrit has nothing in common with it. Search up Indus Valley and Indo-Aryan for more info. Sanskrit is a hindhu language. Tamil is also. But hardly any words are similar. Similar languages to tamil include *Malayalam*,*Telungu* and *Kannada*.

Tamil also has 247 letters. Many tamil names translate into english as many as 10-?? letters. My lasy name has 6 letters in tamil and 14 in english. This is because tamil has joint letter sounds. It is also rare because out of all languages in the world, it is the only to have the *"Mowlava Laana"* sound.

Tamil is an awesome language; so are many other languages. Remember though, Sanskrit is nothing to tamil...look over those Kovil Manthrams again :).
Iunno wtf to say...tamil is awesome!
by Lankanpeace February 07, 2010

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