A thing that one uses to wack tallys.
Collin employed his tally wacker and wacked the tally of Sally the strumpet. One might even call her a tally-ho."
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Long swingey thing hanging between the legs of a male (usuley)
"did you see that, he had his tallywacker hanging ouut there in broud daylight"
by JIM November 14, 2003
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A bloke with an enormous penis which he is able to swing over his shoulder. See also see www.tallywacker.co.uk
Man, look at the tallywacker on him - im gonna go jump off a cliff
by Batman September 05, 2003
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1.A big ass dick that causes major bloodage while having sex with the female genitaila.
2. Andrew S's dick.
3. A dick that cuases rippage in the pants when hard.
1. My tally wacker put her in the fucking hospital.
2. She said his tally wacker was so big, it blew his pants open and caused a major chain reaction throughout the volcanoes.
3. His tally wacker is so big that when he busts it's like a damn fire hydrant going off.
by Nick and fucking andrew October 31, 2004
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