The first thing most people do before you realize they are an idiot.
"He looked intelligent until he started to move his mouth."
by The Burninator March 09, 2004
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Moving your jaw up and down and making words come out. It might sound strange to some, but once you go outside instead of browsing UD all day you'll get used to it.
Guy 1213878123987: I am talking
Guy 0234982912983: lol me too XD
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by WaysideWorks May 28, 2018
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to me talking is you when you are really into someone and want to be in a relationship with them but want to make sure you 100% like that person and ready to be with them in a relationship before you confirm anything it’s like you don’t want to go into a relationship blind about that person and half way through realize you don’t actually like them. so your “talking” with them first and if your talking to someone your basically taken idc.
girl: hey matt your really cute we should hook up sometime🥰
guy: sorry i’m actually talking to someone right now
by flattymaddie July 07, 2020
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When two people are between friends with benefits and an exclusive relationship.
M:So how are things with Jim?
E: I'm not sure, its more than a physical thing, but we're definitely not dating.
M:You're totally talking. It's a Michigan thing.

Are they dating?
No, they're just talking.
by mszka October 05, 2009
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Talking is when you like a person,and they like you too, but you are free to mess around with other people, and not have guilt.
"Hey i heard you hooked up with Christian Sullivan last night,aren't you talking to Nick Myers?" said my good friend Libby

"Yeah actually i am,but since we are just talking,it doesn't matter! I'm free of guilt! YAY!" said Bre
by Kaya-Maria April 06, 2009
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When some one uses their voice box to make sound other beings can understand
by A person that is real January 19, 2017
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Those two are not in any kind of relationship at all - they are literally just talking to each other.
by Robonobobo October 25, 2018
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