1) The act of verbalizing.

2) The social area above friends, and below boyfriend/girlfriend.

3) The word that often causes the most confusion (and most explaining) in relationship explanations.
Social Person: So, I hear Tim and Gina have been talking for awhile now.

Unaware Person: Well I've been talking to Tiff for awhile now...

Social Person: Really?

Unaware Person: Yeah! We've talked about like, everything from food to gossip!

Social Person: ...

*word explanation occurs*
by Zanibas April 17, 2010
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The verbal form of Texting someone. Often used in the "Old Days" before the cell phone.
by Imnotmeareyoume September 12, 2010
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That which my pissed-off girlfriend is not doing to me at the moment.
"I'm sorry"

death stare

"No really, it came out wrong"

death stare

"OK fine, that dress really does make you look fat."
by Ryan Mock April 19, 2005
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teens often ask each other to start talking

This means they are getting to know each other and getting closer but they are not in an exclusive relationship they are not a couple yet .

After a thew days/weeks of talking one of the 2 ask the other person to go out them ( this is usally the lads if it's a straight relationship)
Josh: someone start talking❤️
Megan: I will❤️
*getting to know each other*

*2 weeks later*
Josh: Megan we have been talking for a while , will you go out with me ❤️❤️
Megan: yes❤️❤️
by Helpfull960 August 24, 2017
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Talking is a complicated form of a relationship in which two people often enjoy each others company and engage in sexual relations with out commitment. it is considered to be more serious than friends with benefits, because in certain rare instances 'talking' can lead to a relationship, where as just 'hooking up' never does. HOWEVER talking very rarely results in a long term monogamous relationship because sexual relations occur much earlier with 'talking' than in normal dating, and one or both people grow accustomed to the freedom to hook up with other people, while simultaneously 'talking' to and banging the other person involved in the 'talking' relationship. This form of a relationship is very popular with people between the ages of 15-23, and most often results in broken hearted girls (due to the misunderstanding that talking isnt considered exclusive dating, even if the guy acts like they 'really like you' whenever youre around) and guys reaping all the sexual benefits/freedom.
ashley: 'i'm soooo upset *sob*
shannon: 'why?!'

ashley:" i just found out that john slept with one of my sorority sisters last night when i was out of town visiting my sick grandmother in the hospital"
shannon: "im soooo sorry! but...um...weren't yall just talking?

ashley:'yah, but still'....*sob*
by krazy kittay April 20, 2010
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in the land before time, talking was only about making sounds coming from your mouth.
now talking is texting "being textual" among other things
yes, you heard me. getting "textual" .
Talking is categorized by two people conversing on the phone or texting, with multiple winking smilies a day and possibilities of dating/hooking up at some point...until that glorious day you are said to be "just talking" :(
"oh hey nicole...are you and JL going out now?"
*crying "no...we're just talking...." *sobbs in disappointment

I thought I was talking to him, but then the douchebag moved to canada!
by talkingnaked3669 July 18, 2008
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