when people use a walking. L they can refer to Vic Mensa. The biggest walking L from this year
He look that, a walking L over there
by Josbrecht October 9, 2018
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When someone really is a failure and can’t do literally nothing right
That famous YouTuber Grease is a walking L
by Poop -_- December 26, 2018
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Example his rap career and his basketball career .-. Flights a Walking L
by 5th Luxiii August 22, 2017
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An individual that is consistently taking L's. A person who is losing in all departments of life.
Lol, Merlin is a walking L

You are just a walking L
by Tank.com October 4, 2018
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A person who looses at life constantly.
Hugo: Is Luke coming online later?
Brendan: No, his mum's making him study.
Hugo: Study for what, the Leaving Cert's cancelled.
Brendan: Yeah I know but his mum's still making him study.
Hugo: That guy is a walking L.
by An Cosantóir May 10, 2020
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Literally the description of Jack O Callaghan. Eoghan O Dwyer created this insult and has complete power over who uses it and when they use it,Jack O Callaghan is forbid to ever use this insult.
by Eoghan O D January 29, 2022
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